28,000 Laundry Workers in crisis

Despite the government agreeing that laundries need help, 28,000 laundry workers are still struggling.

During the current lockdown, many industries that have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have received extra support from the government: except laundries. Without the hospitality industry on steam, most of the laundry industry has been entirely shut down – and businesses are now struggling so much that they will go bankrupt without financial aid.

The Textile Services Association (TSA) needs the UK laundry industry to receive business rate relief, and to be recognised that it is an essential part of the hospitality industry.

David Stevens, CEO of TSA, commented, “I have had literally hundreds of calls with councils, rate officers, MPs, even cabinet officers, all of whom agree that our circumstances are exceptional. I’ve sent letter after letter. I’ve had meeting after meeting. All these people understand how essential we are to the hospitality industry. They know that hospitality can’t bounce back without laundry. But they all say their hands are tied without clear Government advice.”

“We have the support of UK Hospitality, major hotel groups, trade associations, MPs, and so the list goes on. In fact nobody disagrees with us. Even the government agrees. But nothing is done. Now it’s critical, we’re on our knees.”

“It’s frankly appalling. Stop prevaricating and procrastinating. Give us the support we need to survive,” continued. Stevens. “There are 28,000 jobs are on the line. We need help. Not tomorrow, not next week. We need it right now.”

For more information, please visit www.tsa-uk.org.

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