3D for Development: Uncompromised Fit Coupled with Sustainability 

In recent years, the apparel industry has undergone a significant transformation driven by the widespread adoption of digitisation, particularly 3D tools. While 3D technology has enhanced the speed and volume of design prototyping, it has created a resulting bottleneck in the remaining workflow. Quicker design prototyping allows for more designs to be put into production, but an increase and diversity of collections puts pressure on development professionals.

Technically accurate 2D patterns onto 3D avatars

This can be seen as a divide between the art and the science of fashion making, where art uses 3D technologies to convey the vision and beauty of the design through prototyping, e-commerce, and virtual reality systems, science uses 3D for technical development, including sampling, fit, and production efficiency. Linking these approaches is where Optitex’s expertise lies, making it the essential bridge between the art and the science. 

3D tools are often used effectively in the technical engineering of the garment development process. The first key element is a physics-based 3D simulation, taking 2D patterns and accurately draping them over a 3D avatar which represents a brand’s target consumer. With today’s expanding options of sizing apps, this process has become highly customisable, able to be used even in tailored made-to-measure garments.

Another element is the fitting process, reducing the time and resources it demands. With 3D tools for development, the entire process can shift from an in-person fitting to a virtual one, and significantly accelerate this development phase. Virtual fitting makes use of scanned preset models, or scans of the end-consumer, and applies advanced fit analysis tools such as tension maps and fabric distances. 

True to fitThe divide between 3D art and science

As a digital fashion pioneer with over three decades of 2D and 3D development expertise, Optitex is keenly focused on educating the apparel industry. The company firmly believes 3D technology can and should go beyond aesthetic presentation, and can form an integral part of garment manufacturing. Optitex makes 3D tools for development into a powerful tool for the manufacturing phase of apparel production, conserving valuable resources by reducing fit issues, consumer returns, material waste, labour, and time. 3D Tools from Optitex enable apparel companies to truly lower their environmental footprint, while not compromising on their fit standards, brand reputation, and time-to-market.

This vision for 3D development is relevant for the entire apparel industry, but even more so for the uniform and workwear industry, which has only recently started to onboard 3D. Being vertically integrated, it houses its design, development, and oftentimes, its manufacturing processes, under one roof. This sector has to achieve greater potential and fewer barriers to move its supply chain towards net zero, and adopt sustainable practices to future-proof its customers’ business.

Hotel uniforms by Maurel, Italy
3D development with military specific avatar
PPE workwear

In an industry where garment fit, quality, and price reign supreme, manufacturers must rethink their approach. It’s time for this sector to forge ahead and free itself from inefficient manual patternmaking, measuring, and fit processing.  

3D for development enhances fit accuracy, reduces the number of physical samples, increases material efficiency and sustainability, and shortens design-to-production time, all vitally important factors in a sector where on-demand production and garment personalisation are key. Equipped with virtual fitting technology and the ability to dress technically accurate 2D patterns onto 3D avatars – including precise pattern details, fabric properties, and avatar measurements that portray the true reality of how a garment will fit – 3D development becomes a must-have. It’s time for uniform and workwear manufacturers to step up to product development with 3D and ask; how can 3D tools support your garment production?

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