PCA Vision 2018

PCA Vision 2018 is an exciting creative challenge for students of fashion, textiles and design across Europe. A contest focused on finding the person who will take workwear to the next level.
The winner will be the student who grasps this golden opportunity to express their unique creative flair in the most original way. She or he will have ideas that are not only radically imaginative, but commercially realistic. Not fantasies, but designs that could actually be produced and quickly become reality. Apart from providing a springboard for future professional development, the PCA Vision contest can also provide a valuable contribution as students work towards their academic qualification. Which is why it forms part of the syllabus/teaching programme for a number of universities.

“ Through PCA Vision, students will challenge themselves to design cutting-edge, stylish and functional workwear of the future, CORDURA® fabrics have been bringing durability to the workwear industry for five decades and we are excited to see how students will demonstrate their 360-degree visions of professional clothing. Our student design award helps highlight the ethos of our new Live Durable™ brand positioning, as we focus on a 360º approach to our consumer’s durable lifestyles.”
Cindy McNaull, Global CORDURA® brand and Marketing Director
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