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We’re pleased to officially welcome A.Lafont, part of the CEPOVETT group, as a PCIAW® Trusted Member.

Cepovett SAS is the largest professional clothing company in France. They design and manufacture safety clothing under the Cepovett Safety brand, while workwear clothing for construction, industry, tradesmen, chefs, hospitality and medical sectors are manufactured under the Lafont brand.

Lafont own factories in Madagascar, Morocco and Tunisia which gives them direct control of the manufacturing base. Lafont have a very strong focus on sustainability, including end-of-life garment recycling, or “circular workwear”.

In 2021 they opened subsidiary offices in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Canada, and in 2022 they opened a UK warehouse to ensure guaranteed 24 hour delivery to UK customers, post-Brexit. Cepovett have serious plans to expand their international footprint and will continue to invest heavily in international operations in the coming years.

Cepovett Safety and Lafont are both premium brands which operate in the quality end of the professional clothing industry, and in 2022 the Lafont brand became the global Michelin chef jacket partner.

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Please welcome A.Lafont as a PCIAW® Trusted Member.