A New Joint Venture to Help Our Heroes

During this very unprecedented time, V12 Footwear has found it very hard to sit back and do nothing to help.

With over 20 years in the safety footwear industry and a portfolio of cutting edge products and award winning innovations, V12 have teamed up with Toffeln, a long established footwear company who have dedicated their lives to enhancing foot well-being and helping healthcare professionals to enjoy healthier, supremely well supported feet. Toffeln improves the lives of hardworking healthcare professionals by harnessing the science of biometrics (the way your body works) and material science (the way stuff works). They have also partnered with the University of Salford and work very closely with experts who help them with their research and provide exclusive access to advanced scientific knowledge in shoe design and foot support. This combination keeps Toffeln at the forefront of global innovation in shoe design and foot support. 

By combining both health and safety a new brand, Self Protection has been born. Its purpose is to supply a range of protective products to help keep people healthy and safe. The first range of products available from Safe Protection include, face shields, Safety Goggles, Gowns and Hand Sanitiser and, all of which are needed by Health care professionals working privately or for the NHS. We spoke to Charlie Leflaive from Toffeln to find out the inspiration behind the new venture, After 40 years of creating healthcare footwear that is well loved by healthcare professionals globally, we were asked by our customers to provide that same quality, reliability and service in PPE products. The result – we already are providing more PPE than footwear.”

We also spoke to V12 Co-founder Ben Turner to find out if Safe Protection is here to stay, Ben states, “The world has changed, habits to protect ourselves and those we love and to preserve life are here to stay.”

The combination of knowledge and experience from both V12 and Toffeln proves to be a very well suited partnership and a venture we are very excited to see help so many health care professionals now, during this very difficult time and in the future.By combining the strengths of V12 and Toffeln we have a perfect partnership to help protect Healthcare Professionals throughout this crisis and beyond.

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