A Voice for 25 Years

25 years ago, the inception of the PCIAW® began. Born from professional clothing director-e, the PCIAW® spent its formative years listening to, learning from and educating the buyers and suppliers of the professional clothing industry.
Alongside offering industry events, director-e expanded industry insight and supplied businesses in workwear, corporatewear, footwear and PPE with vital information to support their growth. This set the foundation for the PCIAW®’s main aim – to provide solutions to industry-specific problems in order to facilitate business growth and product innovation.
The PCIAW®’s beginnings allowed it the opportunity to analyse and study the industry in ways the companies within it could not. With the space to take a step back, the PCIAW® was able to establish the industry’s strengths, but also it’s weaknesses.
A key problem was the lack of a cohesive structure that stretched the breadth of the industry. This left the industry oftentimes unspoken for, with global problems un-addressed.
In order to establish one collective voice, CEO Yvette Ashby founded the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide, with the intention that it would act as the one voice for professional clothing companies, big and small.
The association, under the guidance of Chairman John Miln, the board of non-executive directors and Yvette, immediately began to offer the industry knowledge and support. This was established through its magazine, PCIAW® VOICE and its industry events – the PCIAW® Summit and Professional Clothing Awards.
June 2019 saw the inaugural Summit, the first of its kind, welcome attendees and offer them an expansive day of exclusive information on sustainability, CSR, size and fit, EU legislation and government-certified knowledge on Brexit. Coupled with the Professional Clothing Awards the following night, which celebrated its tenth anniversary, the two days brought together over 400 industry members to offer networking, knowledge and firm acknowledgement of the monumental amount of work done by the industry as a whole.
A staple of the association is its dedication to listening. The PCIAW® pivots around its members and its direction is steered by what they share. By resting on the history that stands behind it, the PCIAW®’s gaze is fixed on bettering the future for its members and establishing strategic plans to offer them direct support to the key issues they face.
The buyers and procurement managers of the professional clothing industry sit at its heart. One of the association’s main aims is to educate the buyers on the industry, to offer them the most important information that will set them up to tender. With the new PCIAW® Uniform Buyers Association – a closed-shop networking and knowledge platform – the PCIAW® proved that it heard the needs of the industry and responded.
As 2020 grows closer, the PCIAW® aims for expansion. The desire to grow membership is spurred by the understanding that the bigger the association, the louder we can make the voice of the companies within it. By continuing to form international partnership, such as the recent membership of Milliken & Company, the PCIAW® is able to stretch its influence around the globe.
The PCIAW® Summit 2020 will incorporate showcasing opportunities, vast networking sessions and smaller break-out groups to cover as much current industry news as possible.
The PCIAW® wants to be spoken to. The only way we can build from our 25 years of knowledge is through a continuing conversation with the industry. There is no better time to get in touch, to reach out to our editorial team, to Yvette or to John.
We want you to be heard. Give us your voice and we’ll act as the microphone.
To contact a member of the team, please e-mail info@pciaw.org or call +(0)1908 411 415

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