A Warm Thank You

The PCIAW® and Gerber Technology would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s webinar, Manufacturing in the UK: Challenges and Advantages.

The event was a huge success with nearly 150 people tuning in to watch some of our industry’s finest talking about their experiences in manufacturing and answering your questions.

The webinar included topics such an economic overview of the entire professional clothing industry, a look at the challenges arising in manufacturing in the UK and a discussion on the impact on the textile industry.

Other prominent points within the discussion featured concerns at how the PPE industry needs further support and investment from the government, and how the challenges of Covid-19 has bought the industry together, now more than ever.

Our team of industry experts also took the time to answer hard-pressing questions from our audience.

Adam Mansell voiced advice on resources to help manufacturing businesses acquiring additional workspaces, whereas Jenny Holloway shared some fantastic support for small companies needing to manufacture only small quantities of garments.

You can view the webinar in its entirety here.

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