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Natalie Wilson

With 15 years’ industry experience Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge, including overseas production management, technical PPE design and product development, through to contract and bid management. She joined Shield360 in 2014 as European Sales Director before becoming MD in 2016, completing an MBO in early 2017, and has since won awards for her approach to quality, innovation and sustainability.
Her knowledge of the industry enables Natalie to provide added-value services to small & mid-sized businesses, including pivoting her own business to provide 49 weeks’ worth of production for UK SME & micro factories during COVID-19 lockdown, producing re-usable healthcare scrubs and gowns.
Since March 2019 Natalie has actively represented the views of women in our industry through her regular contribution to the PCIAW®’s Voice magazine, including covering issues such as Women’s PPE, the gender pay gap, International Women’s Day and most recently Women’s Health and managing work-life balance.
Natalie commented: “I am excited to bring my passion for our industry to the Board, and to help ensure the whole of our industry is represented through the Association. In particular, focusing on the benefits that the PCIAW® can bring to under-represented groups, including giving SME, micro and minority owned businesses a clear voice and influence in our industry offers a unique opportunity”
Natalie’s experience as MD of an SME business will help her to increase representation of these groups within our industry, through the PCIAW®.

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