PCIAW® was founded by the current CEO, Yvette Ashby in 2018, creating the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide as a member-driven, non-profit organisation to give a voice to the uniform, workwear and PPE supply chains.

Before PCIAW® was established, the global professional clothing network was assembled by director-e magazine – founded by Yvette Ashby over 25 years ago; it is this network that became the foundation of the PCIAW® which we know today.

With a mission to overcome the lack of representation for the professional clothing industry, the concept of PCIAW® was pitched to industry peers, resulting in the recruitment of John Miln – the former CEO of the UK Fashion and Textiles Association (UKFT) association – as the first PCIAW® Chairman.

The Board of Directors was formed to govern the industry, forging the code of conduct for ethical practices and a level playing field. The Board is made-up from representatives from the supply chain comprising SMEs and large multi-national companies, including fabric manufacturers, alongside suppliers of uniforms, workwear and PPE.

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PCIAW® provides our members with an international platform that gives businesses visibility in front of their customers as they use the platform to provide the thought leadership that our industry needs, particularly during these turbulent times for the markets.

By being at the centre of a global network, PCIAW® can help our members thrive. How? By creating opportunities through sector-specific projects, networking events and trade delegations, whilst championing innovations brought to market by our members, helping develop and grow their businesses.

PCIAW® is at the forefront of the sustainable transformation of the professional clothing and textiles industry and holds an authoritative, trusted voice on the subject, guiding the industry towards the circularity of uniforms, workwear and PPE.

By leveraging the expertise within the professional clothing association, we offer members invaluable educational resources and a network to make a difference.


PCIAW® continues to offer a collective voice for the professional clothing supply chain, which grows in strength and breadth when new members join from around the world.

As a trade organisation for the uniform, workwear and PPE markets, PCIAW® uniquely positions itself to connect the international supply chain, break down competitive barriers, facilitate collaboration and offer education to inform on best practices and innovation.

PCIAW® has a vision for sustainable professional clothing, embedding circular economic principles to reduce the need for virgin resources and limit the environmental impact of our industry. Collaboration in the supply chain is key. Fabric and garment technologists must work together to create workwear with longevity; adopting innovations in recycled materials; embracing modular designs for easier dismantling so that end-of-life professional clothing can be recycled and regenerated in a new lease of life.

Infrastructure with capacity is the challenge for 2050 as the world aims for its net zero future. Whilst uniform designers and manufacturers develop new products to be circular and recycling technologies advance – both mechanical and chemical – it is imperative that governments, organisations, and industry collaborate and invest in the infrastructure of tomorrow, automating the sorting of textiles by composition and distributing them to the capable clothing recyclers.

The Board

Meet the board of directors for PCIAW®.