Achieving Invisibility with PHANTOMLEAF®

In modern conflict, one of the best forms of protection is to avoid being seen altogether. No matter the terrain it is important to deploy camouflage to protect friendly assets and gain the advantage of surprise.

One of the companies at the forefront of camouflage development is PHANTOMLEAF®, whose expert team have broken new ground in advanced concealment systems. The PCIAW® is delighted to be able to provide some insight into the work of PHANTOMLEAF® who protect the armed forces which provide safety for us all.

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Achieving Invisibility with PHANTOMLEAF®

To see without being seen

“Videre sine videri” or “to see without being seen” is a fundamental principle as old as the concept of the military itself.

Effective concealment has become increasingly challenging in modern-day operations, however, particularly when we consider the accelerating performance of modern sensor technology and artificial intelligence.

In today’s highly mobile deployment of military and security forces there is often a constant and rapid change in environment. This not only applies to broader geographic-tactical theatres, but also to an individual’s immediate surroundings – changing dramatically with every meter of advance.

All images are commercially available WASP pattern

PHANTOMLEAF® recognised that highly flexible, auto-adaptive camouflage patterns are required to effectively conceal modern forces. These patterns can be modularly combined and applied to create a complete camouflage system. PHANTOMLEAF® achieves this complex goal with robust, low-interference products and patterns that are carefully tailored to the object being camouflaged.

The PHANTOMLEAF® patented algorithm has the distinct advantage of maintaining concealment despite a constantly changing background of operations. The innovative construction of the pattern ensures fluid concealment at all ranges, accounting for the equipment used and the human figure.

Exploiting the perception chain

PHANTOMLEAF®’s ground-breaking technology obscures silhouettes in a unique and novel manner. Through the utilisation of multilayer structures, it effectively merges an entity with its environment, making it visually indistinguishable from the terrain. The camouflage has an outstanding performance against long-range reconnaissance, but also has remarkable effectiveness in short-range observation.

Demonstrating a fully submerged wearer

The PHANTOMLEAF® inherent obfuscation exploits interactions between information processing systems in the human perception chain, enabling the wearer to submerge in a wide range of environments such as grass, dry branches, meadow, and various other foliages and lighting conditions.

PHANTOMLEAF® has employed medical, psychiatric, and neuropsychologic experts to optimise interactions in the data processing system to ensure its camouflage has maximum impact.

The users behind PHANTOMLEAF®

The technology can be integrated into existing camouflage patterns, decisively increasing their camouflage effect without losing the original pattern’s identity. This is particularly important in country-specific uniforms, as camouflage patterns are often the distinguishing feature in friendly-hostile recognition.

PHANTOMLEAF®’s military products are being supplied exclusively to undisclosed NATO-friendly authorities, particularly within the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement, and in these fields the technology has already proven successful in action.

The company strictly distinguishes between the official use and commercial use of its camouflage technology. This means that patterns and materials developed for official use by armed forces will not be disclosed to the public, in order to keep partnered authorities safe. PHANTOMLEAF® is also proud to provide material for commercial markets through the specific PHANTOMLEAF® CIV product range.

Creating the patterns

Pattern development, trials, and implementation are handled by PHANTOMLEAF® GmbH, while PHANTOMLEAF® Textiles GmbH uses high-quality tested materials for fabric production, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance in action.

PHANTOMLEAF®4USE also produces tailor-made garments, designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement and armed forces units.

For the commercial market, PHANTOMLEAF® offers its WASP II camouflage pattern in three colour variants. This commercial pattern comes equipped with all the benefits of PHANTOMLEAF® technology, combining an exclusive look with striking camouflage effectiveness.

Holistic design for the real world

PHANTOMLEAF® technology goes far beyond just the camouflage pattern, approaching concealment with a holistic system. The technology is applied modularly depending on the mission requirements, including specific fabric development, garment design, footwear, and equipment.

PHANTOMLEAF®‘s system of camouflage schemes is modular, and adapted to a variety of global vegetation zones and environments:

  • Hot desert
  • Rock desert
  • Snow desert
  • Low-growing vegetation
  • High vegetation without snow cover
  • High vegetation with snow cover
  • Construction (urban)

All PHANTOMLEAF® fabrics and garments are developed with the individual end-user in mind, considering health & safety, physiological performance, well-being, and protection against weather conditions during the envisaged mission.

As current geopolitical tensions escalate the need for innovation in military textiles has grown dramatically. Camouflage is a vital tool in the arsenal of modern armed forces to keep its personnel safe, so the advancements made by companies like PHANTOMLEAF® are warmly welcomed by the PCIAW®.

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