After uniform upgrade, Taiwan Highway Police showcase vintage threads

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Following the nationwide introduction of new dark blue police uniforms last Thursday, April 18, some in Taiwan are reflecting on the uniforms worn by police throughout the country’s history.
One police agency, the National Highway Police, has stirred a bit of nostalgia with photos showcasing the classic uniforms worn by female officers during the period of martial law in the country, which ended in 1987.
Modelled by an attractive young woman, the uniform consisted of a beige skirt and a safari jacket-style top. The iconic white helmet often worn by officers during the martial law period is similar to the helmet still worn by national military police today. This continuation of a historic image means the officers remain easily recognisable whilst updating their old school uniforms.

The photos posted by the National Highway Police Bureau to their Facebook account on April 20 also include a car and a jeep painted in the “red zebra” scheme used by the highway police.
Following the period of martial law, the grey and blue uniforms were introduced in 1987 and remained in use until last week when most police units implemented the new dark blue uniforms, with a few exceptions like the police in the nation’s courtrooms. However, the majority of the highway police will be represented by this new look which is key for brand awareness.

A uniform style introduced in 1987, and new uniform design worn by the same officer (photo from National Police)
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