All-Black Clothing Uses Glass To Keep Wearers Visible At Night

We have already seen a variety of innovations designed to keep people safe at night.
For example, the smart bike light, which texts friends if a user crashes, tells riders about potholes and deters thieves.
This means that cyclists can ride in the dark without having to worry about their safety. We even saw a move towards this latest innovation from Vollebak in 2014, when Henrichs developed a range of fashionable hi vis cycling gear, in an effort to encourage riders to prioritise their safety by giving them a more attractive option than the traditional gear available. Now Vollebak have designed a lightweight, minimalist and less intrusive way to wear hi vis, with their new Black Light clothing line.

The clothing line consists of four layers: a jacket, base-layer, mid-layer and t-shirt. All four of these items have been specifically designed to provide maximum comfort whilst ensuring that the wearer stays safe. The jacket weighs just 450 grams and is highly breathable. It is also waterproof to 15,000 millimetres, being fitted with twenty-two reflective dots. It is the reflective dots which, although seemingly black, keep the wearer safe.
Each dot is embedded with 60,000 black glass beads, which shine brightly when light hits them at night, making sure that the wearer is visible. The dots are cleverly positioned, so that they light up the parts of the body which typically move most. This ensures that when they light up, the wearer is easily recognisable from any angle.

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