All you need to know about wicking

Recent innovations in testing technology have led to new, more advanced methods of capture and evaluation.

James Heal is to hold a new webinar on wicking, outlining the capabilities of its new WickView moisture management tester.

Moisture management is critical for user comfort, to ensure a garment feels dry, dispersing weight through the fabric.

When moisture sits on a garment it can cause the skin to feel cold and lead to irritation. An effective moisture management testing system will enable garment and textile manufacturers to assess the suitability of their product during the design stage and make the best materials selection, ensuring maximum user comfort and satisfaction.

Recent innovations in testing technology have now led to new, more advanced methods of capturing and evaluating wicking test results. 

The webinar will identify variables that impact wicking results, and cover the latest comprehensive grading system for determining a fabrics true wicking behaviour.

It will be of specific interest to those working in textile testing laboratories and in technical and quality roles, in addition to designers, managers and engineers working in technical textiles, medical textiles, apparel product development, PPE and more.

Jame Heal’s Performance webinars provide detailed insights with experienced knowledge of performance textiles testing. They are ideal for anyone new to this area of testing, as well as industry professionals. If you work in a, this could be the webinar for you. 

The seminar will be held on  Wednesday January 25th from 6-7pm GMT (register here) and on Thursday 26th January from 8-9am (register here).

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