Alsco: how to dress up a uniform tips


How to dress up a uniform: stylish but professional tips.

There are so many benefits to dressing in a company uniform: unity, team building, professionalism. But how do you incorporate your own style into your uniform?

Employees are easily identifiable by customers when wearing a uniform. However, sometimes employees may feel like they get washed away in a sea of company polo shirts. Employees and colleagues want to show who they are, feel unique in their uniforms.

how to dress up a uniform

You must first establish a professional look. From there, it’s all about the accessories, whether that be a pair of fun socks, a piece of jewellery, or adding a splash of colour somewhere. It all depends on who you are as a person and what your company’s policies are.

Choosing the right uniform
To get your uniform right, you need to think of your uniform as a blank canvas. From here, employees can create their own look. However, the fit of the uniform is the most important part of your image, no dressing-up will hide an ill-fitted wardrobe. Make sure each employee is fitted correctly and measured for the right sizes. If using a rental service, like Alsco, ask for personalised measurement assistance to ensure the uniforms fit just right.

how to dress up a uniform

Personalise the uniform
Once the uniform fits correctly and the right articles have been chosen, the uniform can be personalised.This is where the fun begins! A uniform can be personalised using your own style: your hair, make up and accessories – if you follow workplace guidelines.

A necklace, statement earrings, colourful socks, a broach, a belt, cufflinks, are a few ways that you can bring some of your personality to your uniform. If a tie is a part of your uniform, think of different ways of tying it. Trying something new can also create a unique look. But be careful of company dress codes before you try anything too daring!

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