An exclusive interview with Erlend Hesjedal-Johannessen, Brand Manager at Daletec

Yesterday, an exclusive webinar from PCIAW®, CORDURA® brand and Daletec received widespread support from the industrial workwear sector.

The PCIAW® joined Erlend Hesjedal-Johannessen, Brand Manager for Daletec FR Fabrics, to discuss the history of CORDURA® Brand and Daletec’s partnership in the run up to the highly-anticipated Inherent Flame Protection Webinar, hosted by PCIAW® in collaboration with CORDURA® Brand and Daletec on Wednesday 7th July 2021 3pm (GMT). Register now.

When did CORDURA® Brand begin collaborating with Daletec, and what initiated the partnership?

The dialogue between the companies has been active for about 3-4 years. When the project started in 2018, Daletec had set as one of the main targets for the project that physical properties e.g. tear and tensile strengths, plus abrasion resistance in the end product should be as high as possible, since the available products in the market were not really up to the mark.

With this in mind, Daletec contacted Cordura® to start discussing both potential joint fabric engineering and to see how such a product could fit into the Cordura® fabric dimensions, as FR was not a segment that Cordura® has really focused on at that point.

What were the added benefits of combining Daletec FR fabrics and CORDURA® Brand fibres?

Cordura® is the top producer in the world of HT nylon fibre solutions (and more).

Daletec is one of the longest standing textile manufacturers with European origin with history back to 1879 and with FR fabric processing since 1954.  With these two highly qualified engineering teams and strengths combined, we have been able to lift the benchmark in IFR textile quality level to a higher level, with fabric specification values that have never been seen before. At the same time as introducing Cordura® to IFR fabrics, we have also been able to jump directly to the next level of textiles and introduce a massive stretch function that is absolutely top class in the business, still offering industrial wash according to ISO 15797.

Keeping in mind that both nylon itself is flammable, and stretch filament is also adding flammability to any fabric, accomplishing a mix of fibre solutions in to a stable, certified fabric against all relevant hazards, where comfort is not compromised, is quite an achievement.

How do CORDURA® Brand and Daletec see their partnership evolving in the future?

As Brand Manager of Daletec, I see a lot of opportunities where we can potentially introduce Cordura® fibre to other segments. With the developed project behind us; introducing Cordura® to more FR apparel fabric developments is something we have already started looking at. At the same time, Cordura® is working in several segments where FR is not included, so there could be synergies into different segments which are not yet explored.

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