ANIVEC warns pandemic puts the garment industry in a difficult situation

ANIVEC warns garment industry hit by pandemic

ANIVEC, warns that the “garment industry is in a difficult situation since the beginning of the pandemic” and that while the world promotes measures of curfew and confinement to the detriment of socialisation, recovery will be far from happening.

The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented catastrophe and what is now the collapse of the market economy will become an unparalleled economic downturn. This crisis is weakening an industry that is being given as a bargaining chip without any regulation in a process of globalisation, putting it in a market without fair play. The excessive dependence on products from Asia, which in clothing corresponds to 85% of what is consumed in Europe.

The future of activity in the clothing sector is debilitated if this dependence on products of Asian origin is maintained.

César Araújo believes that it is necessary to “rethink Europe”, with the development of a “Marshal Plan” regulating the market and encouraging the consumption of what is produced in Europe. It also argues that it is necessary to put together the conditions for companies to make a commitment to ensure “that at least 30% of what they sell in Europe is Made in Europe”. 

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