Announcement of PCIAW® Summit Speakers

We would first like to take this opportunity to extend our profound gratitude to the outstanding speakers who will be presenting at the Summit this June – your expertise is invaluable.
For one day only 20 of the world’s best industry experts will come together from across the globe to impart their outstanding knowledge on the professional workwear, corporate clothing and associated industry sectors.  This unique gathering will assemble our industry’s uniform buyers from international blue-chip companies to emergency services, world-wide manufacturers, legislators and politicians.
This will create the opportunity to be inspired, connect, and be involved, in all aspects shaping our industry today. A truly exceptional experience to witness the industry from an entirely new perspective and leave buzzing with new ideas, new insights and new connections. Access specialists and experts at forum-style presentations and Q&A sessions throughout the day.
This exciting event is taking place on Tuesday 18th June 2019 at The Montcalm, Marble Arch, London.
We are therefore delighted to announce the outstanding industry experts that will be speaking at this event:

  • César Araújo, Founder of Calvelex and President of ANIVEC: Opening Address on the importance of the PCIAW.
  • John Miln, Chairman of the PCIAW: PCIAW – What it means for you.
  • Adam Mansell, CEO of UKFT: Post Brexit – What is the impact on the textile industry? and What’s coming up at the UKFT and how buyers and suppliers of professional clothing will benefit.
  • Chris Murray CBE, Vice President of Agility Logistics: An insight into how complex logistics in challenging environments can help address the challenges and threats to our own industry
  • Cyndi Rhoades, CEO of Worn Again: The planetary effect of the Professional Clothing supply chain
  • Samantha Heiling (Border Force), Louise Johnson (RBS) and Charlotte Jay (PCIAW & Cherry Pigeon): Getting the most out of the tender process LIVE.
  • Alan Murray, CEO of BSIF: Health at Work – the risks, the opportunities and how changes in EU legislation will impact the industry.
  • Richard Collin (Head of European and National Policy, BSI) and Nathan Shipley (PPE Group Certification Manager, BSI): How will Brexit affect British Standards and what is the UK’s future in developing standards in Europe?
  • Jonathon Jones, Senior Analyst/Marketing Manager at Plimsoll: Analysing the global industry and predicting the future.
  • Steve Zalkin, President of NAUMD: Sharing the vision for the future of the American uniform and its influence on the UK and European markets.
  • Karen Sparrow, Spaceline Apparel Manager for Virgin Galatic: LIVE and exclusive – the UK launch of this exciting collaboration between two iconic brands: Virgin Galactic and Under Armour
  • Lee Wilson, Footwear Fitting Technologist at SATRA: What’s in a shoe and how important it is to get it right… and left.
  • Hannes Priem, Product Development Manager at Sioen: Protecting workers against the risks caused by an electric flashover (ARC) and other protective clothing essentials.
  • Dan Murray, SEDEX: An ethical supply chain is essential to winning business today, so what’s really important and how can you improve yours?
  • Leanne Howard, Sales Executive, Gerber Technology: What size should I buy? How will it fit? How much stock should I allow for size exchanges?
  • Marie Leck, Senior Couturier, Vivienne Westwood: An invaluable insight into next season and next year’s fashion trends and colours, and consider how they will transcend the industry.

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