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For more than 125 years, Ansell has delivered the most advanced protection solutions to millions of people at work, at home and wherever hazards arise.

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As a global company, its mission is to provide innovative solutions in a trustworthy and reliable manner – creating an ‘Ansell protected’ world.

The science-led safety business

Ansell thrives when it innovates. Supported by over 200 R&D employees worldwide, spanning 11 R&D Innovation Centres, they are focusing on expanding competency in rubber and synthetic latex; emollients, yarns, fibres, coatings, ergonomics, chemical permeation, heat and cold, abrasion, cut protection, and more.

It is the company’s market expertise, innovative products and advanced technology that give Ansell the confidence and peace of mind in the protection it provides as they deliver bespoke solutions for complex requirements in the world of health and safety at work.

Continually refining its ability to protect, AnsellGuardian® is the tool that leverages the company’s 45 years of experience in conducting safety assessments, and its understanding of diverse safety requirements unique to each set of operations.


AnsellGUARDIAN® is a digital tool to help select the correct PPE for the job at hand. Every assessment is unique for every customer as they receive a tailor-made safety solution that is backed up by data collected by 600+ safety experts from over 17,000 individual assessments since 2010. AnsellGUARDIAN® assessments lead to injury reduction, reduced cost to protect, increased compliance as well as PPE portfolio complexity reduction. 


Ansell offers unrivalled personal protection and conducts industry-leading safety assessments, with high-tech laboratories and the brightest minds in chemical protection. Ansell provides industrial, life sciences and medical customers the data-driven expertise to improve safety on a global scale. With increased sustainability and ever smarter, more connected PPE, they strive to ensure the safety of workers and the environment we live in.

The Responsible Glove Alliance 

Ansell is leading the way in social value and human welfare, exampled in its actions as a founding member of the Responsible Glove Alliance (RGA). 

With global supply chains reliant on migrant labour, the RGA seeks to identify and prevent the conditions which give rise to forced labour through recruitment transformation, collective influence and advanced due diligence. 

Ansell believes that working in a pre-competitive, collaborative environment allows for the consistent application of these standards which align with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) in a more expedient and effective manner.

Investing in a sustainable future 

As a leader in its industry, Ansell supports the transition to a zero-carbon future in line with the Paris Agreement climate goals, investing $23 million into decarbonising its operations. 

Ansell supplies lifesaving PPE and is working to ensure the business remains a reliable supplier resilient to and providing personal protection from the physical impacts of climate change. 

Energy and Emissions

Goal: continuous improvement to identify and implement energy reduction and efficiency opportunities to support their greenhouse gas emissions target.

Ansell is currently undertaking detailed work to establish a strategy by which the business would be able to commit to a significant longer-term reduction in its carbon footprint, in line with the Paris Agreement. 

Ansell engaged a consultancy to complete a Scope 3 inventory and refine an approach to reduce or eliminate sources of emissions wit­hin its operations. This foundational work included reviewing their current intensity and absolute targets and screening opportunities for impact across Ansell’s value chain.

Their overall energy consumption increased by 17% in FY21 due to a sustained increase in production volumes driven by increased market share and business growth, and ex­panded production capacities with the commissioning of new plants and plant expansions. 

As part of Ansell’s $23m portfolios of water, energy, and waste projects, they aim to convert energy sources into renewables, where feasible.


Goal: 15% intensity reduction in water withdrawal measured in m3/SM production value, below the FY16 baseline by the end of FY25.

In FY21 their water withdrawal increased by 13% as compared to FY20 due to the surge in production volumes due to COVID-19, which emphasised requests for healthcare products, such as single-use gloves, which consume a higher portion of water during production. 

One of the key projects to influence water withdrawal reduction efforts is the commissioning of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) facilities, as part of Ansell’s project portfolio. In FY21, Ansell’s first large scale RO treatment facility was installed in Thailand, with future investments being planned in Malaysia and Sri Lanka in FY22. 

Once completed, these projects will result in a 35% reduction of Ansell’s total water withdrawals.


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