Apply for WRAP’s Textile Recycling Grant Fund: Final round

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WRAP has opened the final call for its Textiles Recycling and Re-use Small Scale Grant, which aims to support projects that will enable textile waste materials to be recycled or re-used, diverting this waste from landfill or incineration, ensuring that it remains a valuable resource.

WRAP is looking to support projects that demonstrate a level of innovation beyond normal industry practice. This may include new technologies, equipment not tried and tested before, or interventions that help to address and overcome barriers to textile recycling or re-use.

The grant will now fund 100% capital costs.

The grant will now be released in advanced milestones payments.

The grant can be used to fund any capital costs associated with a business reconfiguration in response to Government guidelines on COVID-19 safety measures, where this forms an integral part of an innovative proposal/project.

To be eligible, applicants must be a legal registered entity operating or planning to operate in England.

You must be able to demonstrate that you can secure a regular supply of textiles waste materials (clothing & linens only) that can be recycled and/or re-used as part of your operation and demonstrate end-market arrangements for the output textile products.

The fourth and final round will close on Friday 30th October.

Apply for WRAP’s Textile Recycling Grant Fund: Final round

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