Arco provides PPE for frontline medics in Ukraine

Arco provides PPE to Ukraine

Arco provides PPE to medics on the ground in Ukraine with more than 80,000 vital PPE items to provide support and protection in the line of duty.

The professional clothing company is donating 54,000 aprons and 33,600 masks to the global first responder International Medical Corps, aiding those directly affected by the Russian invasion.

Arco provides PPE to Ukraine

Arco’s aid will support healthcare workers on the ground who are providing medical assistance, those caring for Ukrainian refugees in Poland and those helping with search and rescue operations in areas of Ukraine ravaged by the attack.

David Evison, managing director at Arco, said: “The situation that is continuing to unfold in Ukraine is heart-breaking. Supporting those in need at times of crisis is embedded in our business’ culture and many of our colleagues have either direct or indirect links to Eastern Europe, so we are keen to do everything we can to support those affected by the crisis.”

“International Medical Corps are very experienced in responding to crises and we are pleased that we have been able to arrange the donation of much-needed PPE to help and support their response.”

The organisation delivers emergency medical aid, equipment and training that will allow impacted communities to become self-sufficient and effective first responders themselves.

Arco, a £390-million turnover business employing more than 1,600 staff, has been liaising with it on fit-for-purpose PPE for both emergency workers and displaced locals, an act described as critical, as proper sanitation is crucial to prevent the spread of infectious diseases amid an ongoing medical emergency.

Arco providing PPE to frontline medics in Ukraine occurs just as the British embassy reopens in Kyiv, with the UK Prime Minister saying the United Kingdom is “proud to be among Ukraine’s friends”, whilst setting out a new package of military aid today worth £300 million, to support Ukraine’s ongoing defence against Russia’s illegal invasion.