Artificial Intelligence for Workwear with an Optimal Fit

An innovative web application now enables independent, flexible, and digital fitting when selecting workwear. By using Sizekick’s AI-based technology, which the start-up developed together with Hohenstein, the textile service provider Elis is offering its customers personalised size recommendations based on individual body measurements for the first time.

Elis’ partnership with Sizekick and the use of its AI-based technology represent an innovation in the workwear industry. Sizekick’s artificial intelligence not only considers a user’s exact body measurements but also the selected item’s fit. For product and fit analysis, Sizekick relies on the expertise of Hohenstein, which has been supporting companies in the clothing industry with customised solutions for more than 75 years and has know-how in the testing, certification, research, and development of textile products.

The web application implemented by Sizekick in collaboration with Elis uses a two-stage process to determine the right size for the web shop’s customers: First, realistic body shapes are suggested and selected using the BodyFinder. Then, sizing is completed with the BodyScanner, a video-based body scan using a smartphone camera. The data is transmitted anonymously, so only the correct clothing size is sent to Elis, and the entire user-friendly sizing process only takes a few minutes.

“We rely on new technology to provide our customers with a high level of flexibility and efficiency, making the fitting process as simple as possible,” explains Elis Managing Director Sascha Wiemer. “Through the collaboration with Sizekick and the support from Hohenstein, our customers’ employees can determine the right size for their workwear within minutes—anytime, anywhere. This leaves more time for core business.”

David Oldeen, co-founder and CEO of Sizekick, adds: “We are very excited to finally offer Elis’ customers a digital way to try on new workwear, saving them valuable time. Our joint launch represents a truly innovative milestone for the entire workwear industry by optimally combining technology and user experience.”

“We are very excited to support this innovative solution for the workwear industry with the necessary fit expertise right from the start,” says Simone Morlock, Head of Digital Fitting Lab at Hohenstein. “Each Elis garment in the Sizekick app undergoes a fit analysis by Hohenstein’s fitting team beforehand. We help develop the size fundamentals necessary for fitting processes and, most importantly, for finding the perfect size. By focusing on precision in both body measurements and clothing dimensions, size recommendations based on individual body measurements can be successfully implemented.”

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member