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Design, size, manage

The digital transformation of the professional clothing industry. The fashion sector is storming ahead in the textiles industry with innovative technological advancements. Utilising AI-powered trend

From the sky to the ground

From the ground to the sky 

The high-flying innovators in aviation uniform design. The skies are buzzing with vibrant activity as businesses travel and tourists explore again. Refining brand identity for


WorksGroup: leading in design expertise

The PCIAW® Editor spoke with Rafi Bricker, Managing Director of WorksGroup, one of the association’s newest members. WorksGroup has consolidated a range of highly specialised

Lafont Aer Lingus


The pièce de resistance of professional clothing As one of the newest Trusted Members, the PCIAW® Editor interviewed Neil Boston, International Commercial Director for the

Stuncroft tailoring

Stuncroft: tailor-made excellence

Stuncroft’s attachment to bespoke tailoring is steeped in a lengthy history of over 40 years.  Launched by the late entrepreneur Brian Long, Stuncroft has supplied

Evolve Image

Evolve: Streamlining workwear solutions

Evolve is a renowned e-commerce specialist that offers bespoke, custom-crafted websites that integrate effortlessly into existing legacy systems. Evolve’s industry-tailored functionality is based on a