Avery Dennison exhibits on-demand manufacturing tools at the Window of Textile Opportunities™ showroom in Amsterdam

Avery Dennison exhibits on-demand manufacturing tools at the Window of Textile Opportunities™ showroom in Amsterdam

Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovation and materials science, branding, and manufacturing, furthers its partnership with BYBORRE, the Amsterdam-based textile innovation studio, through exhibiting cutting-edge on demand manufacturing tools at the Window of Textile Opportunities™ (WoTO) showroom.

WoTO™ is a permanent interactive showcase located in Amsterdam that connects industry leading suppliers and change agents. As founding partner of WoTO™, Avery Dennison is playing a key role in shaping the future of the textile industry, bridging the gap between creativity and supply chain transparency, to promote sustainability. By giving access to tools and education on latest developments and events, BYBORRE aims to raise responsibility standards and activate change.

Making on demand manufacturing possible

Having launched in Autumn 2021, the WoTO™ space showcases the latest technology in textile and apparel production. Avery Dennison’s technology brings to life the benefits of on demand manufacturing, by educating and equipping apparel designers, manufacturers and brand owners to create better products and develop a more efficient, transparent supply chain. On demand manufacturing encompasses fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing ecosystems that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, the supply network, and customer needs.


Avery Dennison’s on demand manufacturing innovations on display from 28th October include:

  • In-plant printing capable of bringing speed, flexibility and resilience to the supply chain
  • Factory automation which increases productivity and reduces manufacturing lead time while delivering significant cost savings
  • Digital solutions providing holistic end-to-end solutions across the lifecycle of a garment and enabling digital ID technology

Avery Dennison will host interactive workshops and demonstrations on factory automation solutions, showcasing machinery technology such as the ADvance™ HTL Pick and Place Bonder, an automated solution for bonding heat transfers which eliminates labour-intensive work at the factory level. The space will continuously be updated with new products and sustainable concepts.

“Part of Avery Dennison RBIS’s innovation and sustainability strategy is to explore new solutions that can help the fashion industry become more transparent, efficient and sustainable,” said Greta Moser, director PLM, Brand Protection, Factory Solutions & IPPS at Avery Dennison. “We are continuously looking for innovative partners in the space to help us understand the market better and develop new concepts and solutions. BYBORRE’s mission to design out waste and bring different apparel players together is a very exciting opportunity to accomplish our goals and contribute to the overall sustainable apparel movement.”


Commitment to collaboration

At WoTO™, all parties are working towards a common goal, yet need one another to make it happen.  WoTO™ instigates conversations on how to improve the industry, sharing knowledge and facing challenges together. It is an environment that opens the door for industry silos to look at the bigger picture: creating more consciously for a healthier earth.

“As a global leader in materials science and manufacturing, Avery Dennison represents a crucial part of the supply chain, delivering physical and digital innovative solutions,” said Arnoud Haverlag, CEO, co-founder BYBORRE. “With a deep commitment to driving sustainable change across the apparel industry, we’re proud to work with an innovative company that is an agent for change and an important partner in the WoTO™ program.”

On behalf of all partners, BYBORRE invites global brands they already work with including adidas, BMW, McQ, Porter, Rapha, Natuzzi, AZ Factory, Diemme, Snowpeak, Baracuta and many more. Invitations are open to emerging brands and all other creators around the world to visit WoTO™ in Amsterdam to get inspired and access the program.

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