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The PCIAW® Awards champions talent, innovation and best practices from across the professional clothing supply chain.

PCIAW Summit 2021 -539
Applications Open, Apply by Sep 14th 2023
Companies are eligible to apply for up to three awards, however entries must be for separate products or services.

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PCIAW® Award Application Index 2023

Judging the PCIAW® Awards 2023

The PCIAW® Awards are judged by a panel of independent experts in the professional clothing industry and will score applications based on the following criteria:

PPE Innovation

Has the innovation in product development improved its performance in terms of protection, functionality, sustainability and inclusivity?

Professional Clothing Design

Is the professional clothing design concept distinctive, resonant with the brand identity, and how does it utilise innovative fabric and garment technologies to improve performance and reduce its environmental impact?

Manufacturer Awards

Has the manufacturer shown excellence in innovation, production quality, and operational efficiency, as well as adherence to industry standards, regulations, and best practices?

Suppliers and Distributors Awards

What has the company done to provide exceptional customer service, quality of product, timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and transparency? Additionally, we recognise outstanding consultancy and technology services in professional clothing.

Sustainability Awards

How has the company reduced the environmental impact of its products and service, embraced the circular economy, and fulfilled its social responsibility obligations?

Industry Recognition Awards

Has the nominee shown outstanding professional achievement, expertise, thought leadership, and made significant contributions to the industry in their time?

Alfandega Congress Centre – Archive Hall Floor Plan 

PCIAW® Summit, Exhibition & Awards 2023 will be hosted at the Alfandega Porto Congress Centre, Porto, Portugal.

The Alfandega Congress Centre is a restored 19th century customshouse with a rich history situated on the Douro River. Its Neoclassical design provides a unique backdrop for events. Originally built to facilitate river trade, it now hosts conferences, having been adapted to meet modern needs while preserving its architectural heritage.

The event space will be open plan, including stage, tables and exhibition.

PCIAW® Awards Gallery 2022