Bangladesh can compete on global textile market in collaboration with India

Bangladesh has seen local cotton production increase significantly over the last ten years with the country seeing an increase to 177,887 bales, up from 70,000.

M Shahriar Alam, The State Minister for Foreign Affairs declares Bangladesh’s ambition to collaborate with India to compete on the global textile industry. The State Minister referred to India’s strong capacity as a international leader in the export of cotton.

The address by the Shahriar was hosted at the second Bangladesh-India Cotton Fest 2020, where Salman F Rahman, the Prime Minister’s Adviser was a guest of the event.

The Foreign Affairs State Minister declared that cotton production has remarkably increased under the Prime Minister’s leadership however, more needs to be done to scale-up towards the 8-million yearly demand for cotton bales.

M Shahriar Alam stated it is Bangladesh’s aim to double its exports of apparels over the next five years and emphasised the importance of maintaining quality supply chains for importing cotton also.

“We know that India produces cotton in diverse varieties -coarse to fine; short, long and extra-long staple; organic and coloured cottons, making India a crucial player in the global cotton market,” Shahriar said.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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