Be Certain on Safety with Certified Protective Wear from Snickers Workwear

Snickers Workwear’s Protective Wear range is the better-informed choice for professionals who demand quality, sustainable products that match protection standards for hazardous environments and foul weather.*

Snickers Workwear delivers a comprehensive selection of ergonomically designed Base-, Mid- and Top-layer working clothes and accessories that also include Work Gloves, Kneepads and specialist ProtecWork clothing.

They are all certified as appropriate for different risks at work to ensure the comfort, health and workforce-wellbeing all day, every day.

This extensive range also includes Hi-Vis clothing that provides protection against dangers such as Electric Arc, Heat and Flame, Chemicals and bad weather in high-risk environments. 

So, whatever the hazard at work, Snickers Workwear’s Protective Wear collection – complimented by Solid Gear and Toe Guard safety footwear – can provide sustainable certified PPE solutions for maximum effective protection whatever the risks on site.

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member