Beautifully Technical™: The COBMEX® Difference

COBMEX® has distinguished itself in the professional clothing industry by seamlessly blending fashion with functionality. While practicality often supersedes aesthetics in uniforms, COBMEX® takes pride in engineering sweaters that are retail-inspired and performance-driven.

Defining Beautifully Technical™

The maxim Beautifully Technical™ is a guiding principle for COBMEX® that describes their approach to knitwear design. It signifies a dedication to combining style with durability, fashion with function. Each garment produced by COBMEX® is meticulously crafted to integrate thoughtful design elements and advanced technical features with contemporary style. This dedication to quality and innovation has earned them the trust of leading uniform distributors worldwide.

COBMEX® has also developed its own line of proprietary yarns. Durapil™ and Durapil Ultra™ offer superior performance compared to standard yarns, allowing COBMEX® to engineer garments that are not only stylish but also exceptionally durable, breathable, and comfortable for extended wear.

Sweater Specialists

COBMEX® applies their Beautifully Technical™ approach to deliver exceptional uniform sweaters. They are a dedicated knitwear supplier, focusing on crafting high-performance and stylish sweaters specifically designed for the uniform trade. This specialisation allows them to develop in-depth knowledge of knitwear materials, construction techniques, and performance qualities, ensuring their sweaters meet the demanding needs of professionals in various industries.

Expertise in Action

At the core of COBMEX® lies an experienced product team, driven by a passion for innovation. Led by Senior Director of Design and Product, Pricila Neal, the team combines decades of expertise with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Through Pricila’s keen eye for detail and deep understanding of market trends, she ensures that every COBMEX® sweater reflects the brand’s ethos of blending design with durability.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do,” remarks Pricila. “We continuously strive to push the boundaries of knitwear design, integrating innovative techniques and materials to create professional sweaters that perform.”

Crafting Excellence

Behind every COBMEX® sweater lies a rigorous quality control process, overseen by a dedicated team of experts. From yarn selection to final inspection, COBMEX®’s quality control measures guarantee that each garment meets their standards.

“Our quality control team is the backbone of COBMEX®,” states Javier Romero, Senior Director of Manufacturing. “With an unwavering commitment to precision and perfection, we ensure that every sweater leaving our facility upholds our reputation for excellence.”

Sweaters Tailored for the Uniform Trade

What truly sets COBMEX® apart is their comprehensive understanding of the uniform trade. With years of experience catering to diverse industries, from Public Safety to Corporate, COBMEX® possesses unique insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by uniform wearers.

“Our deep-rooted understanding of the uniform trade enables us to create knitwear solutions that empower wearers to perform at their best,” explains Executive Vice President, Jon Edberg. “User needs are paramount in our design process. Whether it’s durability for long shifts or function to ensure comfort, our team tailors each garment to meet the unique demands of its wearer.”

COBMEX® stands out in the uniform industry as an example of innovation and integrity through their commitment to Beautifully Technical™. With an experienced product team driving innovation and a dedicated quality control team ensuring excellence, COBMEX® remains committed to crafting knitwear that looks good but performs exceptionally.

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