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Welcome to our newest member Bendi & invite to responsible supply chains workshop 24th Nov 2022.

Bendi is an award winning technology startup headquartered in Birmingham. Bendi’s mission is to ensure products are made free from environmental and human rights abuses by employing cutting edge data and technology to build better supply chains. The company works predominantly in apparel and workwear to understand individual supply chains and proactively address risks before they become a financial cost.

Why should companies care?

Customer tenders, regulators and investors require evidence that products are responsibly made. Supply chain regulations have increased x10 recently and are extremely expensive for companies to adhere to or through non-compliance. 800 shipments, suspected to have human rights abuses in their supply chain, were stopped at US borders worth $300m in August 2022 alone. Fines from upcoming EU supply chains laws could be as high as 10% of revenue if found to be non-compliant. This means doing the right thing is also the most cost effective for your company.

How Bendi solves these challenges

  1. 80% of companies don’t know their full supply chain. Bendi’s proprietary entity and trade model fills in the gaps through the automapper tool, using millions of entity and trade data points to improve visibility
  2. With hundreds or even thousands of suppliers, how should a company prioritise resources? Bendi helps predict the severity of impacts with real-time data, helping companies focus on the right things at the right time and going beyond auditing
  3. Reporting is still very manual, whether it’s internal or external – Bendi’s platform adapts to your relevant framework and relevant frameworks and regulations, digitising communication and automating reporting


  • Visualise where your products and their component parts really come from
  • Fill in the gaps of what you don’t know about your supply chain
  • Identify process and documentation gaps in your regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate risks in your supply chain, prioritised by commercial severity

Responsible supply chains workshop in November

There are considerable challenges and opportunities in understanding human rights and environmental risks in supply chains. Bendi is bringing together textile and apparel companies on the 24th November in London to share best practices with brands under Chatham House Rules.

More info here and reach out on about this or any other questions

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