Bensons Corporatewear: Celebrating 10 years


We are celebrating 10 years of bringing design to uniforms at Benson’s Corporatewear. We have supplied hundreds of companies ranging from hospitality, corporate, industrial and healthcare, providing uniforms that allow businesses and companies from all market segments to highlight their staff, their service, and ultimately their brand.

Our vision is clear. Corporatewear and Workwear should not be boring. On the contrary, we make Corporatewear and workwear that is fashionable, fun, and elegant without sacrificing its functionality. By empowering staff with uniforms they are proud of, and confident of wearing, creating the right impression for the company. It should be the design of the uniform that facilitates functionality, not the other way around.

Passion for design
The passion for design and dress making of Benson’s CEO and Fashion Designer Beni Moussa began when he was a child, helping his mother and sisters to tweak dresses and make patterns for silk printing. A growing interest in the Fashion Industry led him to London, where he sourced textiles and fashion for different Corporatewear companies. As part of his long-term vision, he moved to Ireland to open a manufacturing company specialising in uniforms where he could inspire creativity and infuse fashion into the industry. These early passions for colour, texture, and creativity are expressed in our design solutions for our clients and their uniforms.

A growing business
Year after year, the business grew, and we moved from a humble small office in Limerick to the idyllic town of Midleton, in Co. Cork, into larger facilities with manufacturing capabilities. During the pandemic, Benson’s stepped up to help the community of Ireland, stopping production of regular stock in order to focus on producing medical gowns. The company adapted quickly to help the Health Service Executive (HSE) (Ireland’s state healthcare provider). We supplied and manufactured the high-quality gowns and masks that were very badly needed right across the Irish hospital system and to achieve this required massive effort and focus by Benson’s entire management and staff. The company had to face new challenges as a result of rapid changes, but through effort and dedication, Benson’s is now a highly valued HSE provider.

It was an opportunity for us to expand our company and serve more markets. We have acquired a 360-degree view of our customers over the years in order to deliver the right services at the right time. More recently, we have acquired bigger facilities and machinery. We have been able to achieve our goal of becoming an integrated multi-service provider that offers multiple solutions to our clients. Bensons has invested in the latest state of the art technology to provide quality merchandise to its clientele, including a leading in-house design service, fittings, fabric cutting, sewing, screen printing, embroidery and sublimation. We also have a huge focus on sustainability, and we only source our materials from ethical sources

However, our first and foremost expertise is listening. The most important thing to us is to understand your needs. You can rely on us to produce uniforms that stand out while preserving your company vision. Our company is on its way to becoming one of the leading experts in the corporate uniform industry. Our intention is to remain a major player in the Corporatewear and workwear industry and remain in the forefront of supplying quality uniforms across all these industries and services across Ireland and Europe.

Feel free to contact us through our website: or by calling 0845 8620019

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