Announcing the arrival of Bensons Corporatewear into the UK market


Launch in the UK

Bensons is a 100% Irish owned company based in County Cork, where their expert team designs and manufactures its bespoke ranges in the idyllic town of Midleton, East Cork.

Announcing the arrival of Bensons Corporatewear into the UK market

Bensons has invested in the latest state of the art technology, providing quality merchandise to its customer base, with a leading in-house design service as well as specialist pattern developing, fittings, fabric cutting, sewing, screen printing, embroidery and sublimation.

The company’s unique corporate identity option includes bespoke branded labels tailored to each design, offering a truly design-driven corporate uniform experience.

Established in 2012 by fashion designer Beni Moussa, Bensons has enjoyed rapid growth in the corporate uniform market in Ireland and is now expanding its corporatewear into the UK market.

The company has collaborated with a wide range of corporate clients, ranging from the financial and airline industries to corporate and logistical companies, based all over Ireland. 

Share your business image with the world

Bensons offers one of the widest choices of bespoke corporatewear available today as specialists in both fittings and fabrics that are responsibly sourced. The Bensons team passionately believes in sustainability in all of its corporate ranges, which combine elegance and practicality along with durability.

Bensons’ exceptional attention to detail guarantees that clients are always the top priority. Particular attention is given to client ethos and branding to ensure that brand messaging is successfully projected to the world.

Bensons Sales Executives work closely with clients to enhance a personal level of service and showcase the finest corporatewear that is guaranteed to make an everlasting impression. Bensons’ first-class warehousing and distribution system ensures that deadlines and delivery schedules are fully met, with prompt delivery to all locations in the UK.

We give a high attention to detail to ensure that your corporatewear perfectly represents your company and makes an everlasting impression on all of your customers

Commitment and Innovation

Bensons has grown rapidly over the last decade and was rewarded the highly prestigious Irish Design Business Award in 2020. In addition, Bensons also received the Clothing Manufacturer of the  Year Award 2021 bestowed by the Irish Enterprise Board. The corporatewear expert has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Certification along with the full CE Manufacturers Standard.

Bensons firmly believes in its power to help British companies stand out with designed bespoke uniforms, elevating corporate messaging for the entire world. The vision is, and always has been, to restore the sector back to a sustainable, locally sourced and manufactured industry designed for the British market. 

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Bensons Corporatewear

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