Bespoke Textiles redefines the journey of a “product to client to community story”

Redefining The Journey Of Your “Product To Client To Community Story” Are
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Are you having the social and environmental impact you really want?

Bespoke Textiles tells truly authentic stories that shift businesses into being leading lights of integrity in your supply chain, making a significant impact that gives you an image you are proud to leave as your legacy.

Conscious Impact Connector

Discerning clients increasingly want their actions to truly reflect their words – the time for lip service has long gone. What’s more, there is plenty of evidence that genuinely ethical companies perform better financially.

Bespoke Textiles partners with large organisations to shift their business integrity in the supply chain and radically improve their image whilst making the impact the world truly needs. With this expert eye, unique knowledge and over 30 years in the industry, Bespoke Textiles leave no stone unturned to help clients re-evaluate their supply chain, incorporate hidden gems in their organisation, implement change and powerfully communicate their values.

They align integrity from end to end, evaluating how it looks at every stage and providing a depth of knowledge, influence and expertise – a voice rarely found.

Over the last 30 years, Bespoke Textile’s founder, Katie Young Gerald, has been designing, developing and delivering clothing and textiles globally within the fashion, hospitality and heritage sectors and helping align people’s values with their product and customers aspirations. Her clients include Soho House, the Ivy Collection and Buckingham Palace.

Katie has won 4 major awards and 2 finalists’ honours in national categories of Business, Sustainability and Hospitality Uniform design.

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Mobile: 07855764984

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