BIOTEXFUTURE aims for a textile bioeconomy

BIOTEXFUTURE is an innovative space comprising of a collection of independent research and development projects which collaborate to transform the textile industry.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the consortium aims to transition the textile value chain from petroleum to bio-based raw materials.

The collaborative effort includes over 30 partners focusing on research of bio-based raw materials to find credible alternatives to traditional plastics. The BIOTEXFUTURE projects intends to apply the use of biopolymers to the entire textile supply chain with the ambition of a bioeconomy. Adidas is co-leading the program with RWTH Aachen University and has been since November 2019.

The project seeks to create a tangible business case and commercial opportunity to achieve sustainable products and to create a platform to promote change towards a bioeconomy.

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