BlackStrap upcycles fabrics in innovative Waste-Zero project

BlackStrap Engrains Solutions Into Product Development

BlackStrap has created a Waste-Zero project that takes fabric scraps and transforms them into usable accessories.

The Oregan-based company in the U.S. is a prominent facemask manufacturer, crafting fabric into headgear, baselayers, and facewear.

In order to limit landfill waste and promote a better, sustainable future, BlackStrap uses a four-step approach to implement lasting sustainable development. 

Firstly, it identifies the negative impacts of single-wear fabrics and upcycles unused garments to secure a responsible and enduring cycle of circularity.

Secondly, it attempts to implement natural solutions into the development of its products by working with in-house cut and sew professionals to spur innovative practices.

Thirdly, BlackStrap implements operational solutions by shipping up-cycled products, like use printing paper, to retailers and consumers alike, promoting conscious consumerism across the board.

Lastly, BlackStrap seeks to empower the industry by focusing on tangible efforts in its operations, focusing on the need to create a healthier and more inhabitable planet. 

BlackStrap has sought to promote a mindful approach to promoting responsible and conscious sustainability. Its location in Bend, Oregon, means that BlackStrap is perfectly situated to utilise the recreational resources provided by the mountains, waterways, and deserts to lead unique initiatives.

While the company has focused on reducing buildup in landfill sites, its Waste-Zero project also creates products with original, personable features.

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