Bollé Safety presents Universal Goggle, the first innovation in its new range of protective goggles for the industrial sector

Bollé Safety, the international leader in the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) eye protection market, announces the launch of a new innovative range of protective goggles for differing professions within the industrial sector. Universal Goggle, considered the most significant innovation by Bollé Safety in the goggles market, will be available from June. It will be previewed at the Preventica trade show in Paris from May 23rd to 25th.

Universal Goggle, a unique high-end protective goggle thanks to its Wave technology

A protective goggle is expected to withstand external hazards such as impacts, gases and liquids, radiation, and more. It must perfectly fit the workers’ faces; meaning that it should reduce the gap between the frame and the skin as much as possible for optimal protection. If it is not well-adjusted and a gap forms between the product and the face, particles or sharp objects could encounter the worker’s eye.

To protect the eyes of industry professionals and ensure their optimal safety, Bollé Safety is launching Universal Goggle, the premium iconic model of its new range of goggles.

A model at the forefront of innovation:

  • The Wave technology: the goggle is designed with an accordion-style bellows system that allows the goggle to conform to the user’s face and evenly distributes the goggle’s pressure across the face. This ensures an optimised fit for each morphology and individual.
  • Bi-material frame: made with TPR1 for greater flexibility and comfort, and PC2 for better impact resistance and optical clarity.
  • A product that provides Level B impact resistance (the highest level of resistance for goggles) according to EN1663
  • A panoramic vision that helps limit blind spots with a polycarbonate lens.
  • A PLATINUM coating that protects goggles against scratches and slows down fogging.
  • A product that is compatible with prescription glasses: slots on the goggle allow most prescription glasses to fit perfectly under the goggle without creating any pressure points.

“Our priority is to develop goggles that combine safety, comfort and style to enable professionals in the industrial sector to be protected on a daily basis. Thanks to our Wave technology, companies can protect workers with a goggle that is perfectly adapted to each facial morphology. In this way, we are promoting the use of goggles in environments where protective glasses are not sufficient.”Julien Konieczny, Product Development Manager at Bollé Safety

Finally, the Universal Goggle can be easily dismantled allowing materials (TRP, PC and Nylon) to be recycled separately and packaged in a high-density polyethylene bag that is 100% recycled and recyclable. This model is also compatible with a face shield that aims to protect the lower part of the face. This face shield clips easily and intuitively onto the Universal Goggle.

This product will be available in June 2023 from £20.30

Four variations for each industrial use and profession

The Universal Goggle has the capability to adapt to all types of industrial professions. The colour of the goggles’ strap varies depending on its field of use, notably in terms of ventilation, lens colour, or material. While keeping the same technical characteristics, the model comes in 4 variations:

Yellow goggle: This goggle has indirect ventilation and is suitable for the majority of users. It can be used by a worker on a construction site and in many environments where impact is the primary hazard.

Green goggle: Unlike the yellow goggle, this version is completely waterproof and suitable for professionals working with inflammable products, dangerous gases, fine particles, etc. It can be used, for example, in the petrochemical or food industry.

White goggle: This version is made with neoprene strap, which is more chemical resistant than nylon. It is ideal for workers who use solvents, acids, etc.

Grey goggle: This version is designed with welding lenses. It is suitable for welders handling class 2 to 5 gases.

Bollé Safety will be present at Preventica, the reference exhibition for health, safety, and quality of life at work, from May 23rd to 25th in Paris, on stand Q39. For three days, the brand will showcase this new product in a preview.

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