Brexit: Time is running out to make a deal

At the EU Summit on Wednesday evening Theresa May urged EU leaders to consider her “serious” proposals for future co-operation, ensuring a “shared closed relationship”.
There is to be further discussion in Salzburg. With the UK being due to leave the EU on the 29th March 2019; both sides are trying to reach a deal in time, with a crunch summit specially convened in mid-November.
Mrs May’s proposal has been dubbed “as dead as a dodo” by former minister Sir Mike Penning.
With this there are concerns of a ‘no-deal’ becoming the outcome.
Ms Sturgeon told the BBC that it would be completely reckless to leave the EU without establishing a future relationship.
She said that taking the UK off the “Brexit cliff edge” without an agreement “would be the most irresponsible thing any PM has done in a very, very long time”.
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