Building the foundations for innovations in construction workwear


The evolution of modern architecture is being matched by the innovations in the workwear sector, protecting those who build with added comfort and sustainability. 

Advances in fibre and fabric technologies see workwear constructed to last with style matching the enhanced functionality, keeping the people productive.

CEPOVETT Group crafts technical protection for every construction role

The CEPOVETT Group has a historic tradition in supplying protective workwear to the construction sector, with CEPOVETT Safety equipping tradespeople for over 70 years, and Lafont, one of the world’s oldest workwear brands, has been created since 1844. 

The market-leading French business developed its expertise in crafting quality professional clothing that now covers every role in the construction sector, ranging from highly technical safety multi-norm garments to workwear for the craftspeople. 

Extensive specialist ranges of professional clothing 

The specialist garment innovations by CEPOVETT Group are favoured by some of the largest construction and energy companies in Europe alongside tens of thousands of independent contractors, with the new extensive ranges featuring multiple innovative fabrics.

As new fabric technologies launch in the professional clothing industry, CEPOVETT rapidly sources protective textiles to deliver on various wearer requirements, utilising different fabric blends, including a leader in durability, CORDURA®. 

Innovative fabrics enhance protection

Functional garment design and material composition vary based on the job roles of construction workers. Between CEPOVETT Safety and Lafont, the group’s product ranges offer a choice for all wearer requirements, including hi-vis workwear and multi-risk garments.

The premium workwear has comfort, durability, and protection at the forefront of design, with multiple garment technologies employed in the CEPOVETT Safety and Lafont brands. CORDURA® rip-stop, anti-static and flame-retardant fabrics provide functional protection to make the garments last for longer, whilst elastane and softshell give greater comfort to the construction workers.

Evolving garment construction for wearer comfort and safety

The CEPOVETT Group introduced garment technologies in the ranges over time based on customer and wearer feedback. Stretch panels feature extensively on the Lafont workwear trousers, above the knees and below the waistband for maximum comfort, allowing ease of movement.

Ergonomic knee pad pockets have precision application; inverted tool pockets can be tucked away inside pockets if not required. Clear visibility of norms on safety garments on the exterior of all safety garments allows safety officers to ensure employee compliance quickly and easily on-site.

Certified quality for CEPOVETT Safety and Lafont brands

CEPOVETT has its own in-house test laboratory, meaning that they test the garments to ensure EN standards are met before sent for external certification. That ensures a 100% certification rate and removes delays in the certification process.

Cepovett Safety and Lafont Workwear are premium brands with advanced designs that convey the evolution of garment technologies employed since the Lafont brand began in 1844 and are prime examples of innovations in construction workwear.

CEPOVETT rapidly sources protective textiles to deliver on various wearer requirements, utilising different fabric blends, including a leader in durability, CORDURA®



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DOMO NYLEO® PROTECT – a new level of protection

DOMO’s NYLEO® PROTECT is set to become the foundation of many workwear garments for the construction industry, seeing groundbreaking advancements in fibre technologies. 

Modern workwear has undergone a transformation in craftsmanship since the birth of contemporary workwear since the industrial revolution. A time when labourers worked the mines, factories, and railways, requiring hardwearing protective clothing made from heavyweight fabrics that were readily available, such as denim, wool, and cotton canvas. 

Innovating in comfort and protection 

DOMO excel at creating performance fibres designed for the modern construction sector, innovating on creating lightweight yarns that match the protection of legacy materials, and ensuring that comfort and productivity are no longer mutually exclusive for hardworking people on site. 

The DOMO NYLEO® PROTECT flame-retardant fibres are the epitome of this ethos. DOMO takes the concept of functional workwear to a whole new level, bringing together a compelling combination of well-established performance fibres and groundbreaking new solutions for high-protection workwear for construction workers. 

Combination fibres enhance safety

NYLEO® PROTECT flame retardant fibres combine the advantages of nylon 6,6 – mechanical performance, comfort, low specific weight, and abrasion, along with improved flame retardancy for increased safety. 

The unique properties of NYLEO® PROTECT fibres offer a wide range of actions to enhance product performance, particularly for construction workwear. Global wearers rely on DOMO’s performance fibres for their resistance and resilience, including under and outer garments.

Certified improvement in performance 

After years of product development, DOMO’s innovative fibres have improved the Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) by up to 28%, the level of typical flame-retardant fibres. The fibres are antimony, halogen and bromide-free and are OEKOTEX® certified.

NYLEO® PROTECT is available in a broad range of solutions, including staple fibres (from 1 to 30 Dtex; cut length from 38 to 155 mm), tow for flock or short fibres (from 1 to 30 Dtex) and crimped tow (from 2.2 to 6.7 Dtex). NYLEO® PROTECT has an outstanding density of 1.14 g/cm3.  

Compared to PET FR, Modacrylic, Viscose FR, Meta-aramid, cotton FR or wool, NYLEO® PROTECT nylon 6,6 displays a higher tenacity, enhanced mechanical properties and the highest abrasion resistance.

Protection and performance

Workwear is designed to protect and facilitate function on the construction site in different weather conditions to maintain productivity. DOMO is a global leader in advanced performance fibres and is a testament to the progress in the textiles industry for innovation in construction workwear.


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DALETEC’S next generation APEX: true comfort meets strong protection

Daletec’s innovative lightweight APEX IFR solution comprises a unique blend of specialised fibres in different weights to offer maximum protection and durable performance with soft comfort for hardworking construction workers. 

Being in the field of flame retardant fabrics for decades, Daletec has experienced transformational innovations in professional clothing. Since the post-world war reconstruction times that led to basic PPE requirements for the workers, to an era where health and safety at work matter. 

Evolving fabric technologies for ever-changing demands 

Modern-day workwear and PPE requirements are demanding, particularly in the construction sector. The need for worker safety has always been necessary. The implementation of international and regional standards and the need to have an “all-in-one” concept in fire retardant fabrics have made it difficult to cope with the pace of ever-changing and ever-challenging PPE apparel requirements. 

Daletec has developed a lightweight, inherent fire-retardant fabric that meets the required global standards whilst providing true comfort against the skin without compromising on safety attributes. Achieving a lighter weight fabric does not necessarily guarantee comfort; there are other aspects such as breathability, moisture-management, and Daletec’s solution is now delivering these safety and comfort parameters.

The concept of an all-in-one performance fabrics

The customer-driven research and development centres are continually innovating to blend different fibres to reach a level where the fabric performs exceptionally well against arc flash and flash fire. In addition, the target set was to have a fabric that fits in the “all-in-one” concept and offers certifications along with providing great aesthetics, breathability, soft handle, and comfort against the skin.

Achieving new benchmarks

APEX in all weights, the next generation Inherent FR fabric has achieved high cal ratings when tested against ASTM F1959 and has excellent second-degree burn probability when tested for NFPA 2112. All this is being offered through Daletec’s focused research in different fibres to enable them to achieve the new benchmark at all available weights in APEX.

APEX is blended intelligently to provide more durability. It is stronger than similar weight competition products, thus making it the first choice for hot and humid climates where strengths tend to deteriorate with time when exposed to perspiration regularly. 

Daletec APEX is bridging safety with comfort 

Since the inception of Daletec in 1879, they have been striving to protect. Now, they have raised the bar with over a century of innovation, setting a new benchmark for Daletec as well as for the construction industry.

Daletec believes that APEX is not just a fabric. It is a concept – a concept that bridges safety with comfort.


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The PULSAR® Life polo shirt was designed and developed to innovate for sustainability in addition to durable performance, quality, and comfort for the construction industry.

Sustainability is not just about changing fabrics but creating garments for longevity too. The PULSAR® Life collection considers washing performance, the materials used, the yarns used, and all from sources that work to reduce their environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly protection for workers onsite. 

The design team for the PULSAR® Life collection succeeded in bringing together comfort and durability by selecting a material composition using 55% BCI cotton on the inner layer and 45% GRS recycled polyester on the outer layer. The fabric offers construction workers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 40+.

Ergonomic PULSAR® Life polo shirt with comfort features

Construction workers are more capable of being productive wearing the PULSAR® Life polo shirt as the stretch fabric provides greater ease of movement. The sustainable polo shirt is equipped with underarm mesh ventilation for enhanced breathability, whilst the performance fabric provides moisture-wicking properties to help workers feel comfortable on the job. 

The hi-vis polo shirt by PULSAR® Life has premium aesthetics including heat-applied segmented reflective tape adorned with a decorative pattern. A contrasting knitted collar and cuffs provide a greater professional appearance for the construction industry.

The PULSAR® Life polo shirt is built to last 

Utilising DuPont’s Silvadur™ antimicrobial solution, the PULSAR® Life collection features effective odour control technology to keep the garment feeling and smelling fresher for longer, also preventing decay and discolouration of the fabric. By embracing odour-prevention with PULSAR®’s sustainable polo shirt, workers may be able to wash the garment less frequently, therefore reducing water consumption at home, which not only protects the environment but also expands the lifespan of the garment. 

The PULSAR® Life polo shirt is tested and certified for the reflective tape to last for 50 domestic washes, double the industry standard. Combined with the odour control technology, construction workers will find the hi-vis polo shirt lasting for longer and being of greater value for money.

Working to protect in the most sustainable way 

PULSAR® is continually seeking to lower its environmental impact through product development in the Life collection. The UK business has also deployed a fleet of electric vehicles to limit its environmental impact alongside implemented changes in packaging, removing plastic where possible and only selecting recycled plastic where necessary. 

PULSAR® is on a journey to become a carbon neutral business and in the past 2 years have offset 100% of their carbon logistic emissions, totalling 1,200 tonnes. PULSAR® is exemplary in showing how far the professional clothing industry has innovated in both the delivery of performance, comfort, and now sustainability for the construction sector.


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