Cadiz firefighters take delivery of Bristol fire kit

Bristol Uniforms supply Cadiz firefighters

Cadiz Fire Brigade has recently taken delivery of new, state-of-the-art fire kit supplied by Bristol Uniforms, a leading designer and manufacturer of protective clothing for emergency services across the globe.

The contract was secured through Bristol’s international distributor El Corte Ingles, who fought off stiff competition to secure the four-year contract. Cadiz has ordered 780 sets of Bristol’s lightweight, ergonomic XFlex design (called FireFlex in Spain), with integrated safety harnesses incorporated into the jacket and trouser.

The kit has a Hainsworth TITAN1250 outer – a highly breathable fabric featuring NomexÒ and a high percentage of KevlarÒ, which gives the fabric outstanding tensile
and tear strength. In addition, it has a GORE-TEXÒ FIREBLOCKER moisture barrier, which is made from a micro-porous breathable fabric that stops water passing through to the firefighter’s personal clothing, whilst allowing sweat to escape and reducing heat stress.

To further protect the health and safety of its firefighters, Cadiz Fire Brigade has opted for a four-year care and maintenance contract to ensure that the kit is kept in good
condition and free from contamination. Total Safety manages all Bristol’s garment care and maintenance in Spain and has worked with Bristol for more than 25 years. It collects soiled garments from customers and returns them clean and repaired within 72 hours.

Paco Griso, Bristol’s agent in Spain said: “The new kit has now been rolled out to firefighters in the Province of Cadiz and we are already getting positive feedback from
them. They are really pleased with how flexible the kit is and how easy it to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The integrated harnesses, certified to EN 361, are an additional safety feature which will help prevent serious falls in fire and recuse situations.”

Richard Cranham, International Sales Manager at Bristol Uniforms, said: “This is a large contract for us in Spain, which was delivered on time despite the ongoing pandemic. As the risks of wearing contaminated PPE becomes ever more apparent, more and more fire and rescue services across the globe are opting for ongoing care and maintenance packages to ensure their PPE is free of carcinogens and the health of their crew is prioritised.”

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