Calvelex and the fashion revolution

Calvelex: Finding the perfect material and keeping it within the budget, all whilst respecting customers' concerns can be a challenge.

Day by day, the concern with the sourcing of sustainable materials is getting bigger.

Calvelex is supporting the "Dressing the Heritage" project which aims to develop and produce uniforms in Portugal for the culture sector.

Finding the perfect material and keeping it within budget – all whilst respecting customers’ concerns regarding the environment and the ethics within the garment supply chain – can be a challenge.

With the aim of fulfilling the market’s needs, CALVELEX has established a new department focused on the sourcing of sustainable solutions.

Until now, the textiles industry, highly motivated by the rhythm of fast fashion, has been sustained on a linear basis with garments starting to resemble disposable products. As an antithesis, CALVELEX has kept its roots and hand craftsmanship tradition with the motto of producing less, but better.

With the vision of sharing this motto with more than 50 countries, to where the manufactured garments are currently exported, the company started to create a platform where European suppliers from the entire supply-chain are able to share their utmost ecological solutions and, together, provide fully vertical ecological products from initial conception to the arrival onto store shelves.

During the three decades of market experience, CALVELEX has been focused on networking with other Portuguese and European textiles players, driven by the sustainability of the industry and, now, of the planet.

By investing in a long-term approach to conscientiousness, CALVELEX has made partnerships to develop new products and services and find better ways of doing things.


Officially established in 1985, CALVELEX is the result of what was already a family business, passing from generation to generation, having established over 35 years of history. Specialising in high-end garments that meet quality standards from the highest segments, CALVELEX has a daily output of 3000 pieces that arrive in more than 50 countries.

An important share of the business has been workwear, with the belief that workers are a “company’s face” and their uniforms should encourage them to achieve the best possible performance. The management of a high-demanded supply chain is only possible with the full logistical control taken by CALVELEX.

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