Cardo Crew launches new mesh communication technology

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Cardo Crew has launched its new mesh communication solution that could transform personal protective equipment (PPE) and improve communications and safety in the construction sector.

Cardo Crew are experts in global wireless intercom solutions, including their latest mesh communication solution, and specialise in providing reliable, hands-free wireless intercom for teams on the move.

Their latest launch – Cardo Crew Pro 1 – is a lightweight mesh communication module that fits inside PPE such as helmets and ear guards. This new innovation is designed for PPE manufacturers to introduce team communication to busy, noisy or hazardous environments.

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In sectors such as constriction, communication is vital in preventing accidents and work-related injuries as well as improving on-site safety. However, this is often a hard obstacle to tackle given the high-level of noise on worksites.

Cardo Crew wants to aid PPE manufacturers in providing the best equipment to keep workers safe with efficient and robust communications.

The PRO-1 launch follows Cardo Crew’s securement of new OEM partnerships in Europe and the Middle East for both civil and military PPE markets.

The PR0-1 device has been launched alongside Cardo Crew’s new PROmesh mobile app for efficient management of the device, providing rapid set up of an intercom network from anywhere and real-time control of preferences.

“We believe there is a real need for hands-free communication for dynamic teams working in notoriously noisy, hazardous environments at relatively close distances, which is why we are targeting the construction market. Given the increasing rate of incidents in the sector, it’s clear that there is still work to be done to ensure safer working practises,” said Shachar Harari, Chief Business Officer & Head of Cardo Crew. “That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest technology into the sector via OEMs, so we can improve communication safety and workflow for construction companies.”

The PRO-1 uses mesh communications technology, which provides two-way, hands-free communications for groups of up to 15 workers at a range of up to 3000 metres. It operates as an autonomous network, removing the need to install base stations, with each device working like a mini-communications hub in its own right, making it ideal and safe for busy teams on-site, offering robust, short-range, critical communications.

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