Carrington’s improvements at their HQ in Lancashire

Carrington have shown their commitment to investment by following through with some improvement projects and machine upgrades being implemented throughout the factory.
The changes are part of an ongoing process of capital investment in the most advanced technologies to ensure that Carrington’s HQ remains as one of the most modern and advanced dyeing and finishing plants in the world.
-New lodge water filters have been fitted in the dye house, which will improve the quality of water supplied to the machines, making all processes cleaner.
-Vaporiser replacement and cure unit upgrade has been fitted for improved safety and increased efficiency.
-Benninger 1 steamer and washer has been upgraded to improve the wash-off process allowing for darker shades to be processed on the ranges if required.
-On-going building work such as flood-defences
-Chemicals Dispenser replacement eliminating the issue of cross-contamination
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