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Facing the heat: flame-retardant fabrics

Pioneering innovations in flame-retardant textiles have the potential to revolutionise the workwear sector in the professional clothing industry. Embedding flame-retardant qualities into composition materials ensure

New Gore Workwear Extraguard Upper Technology

The stepping stone of footwear innovation

Tying the knot with protection and comfort to offer footwear that delivers on safety, functionality, and sustainability. Versatile designs and high quality components make the difference


Design, size, manage

The digital transformation of the professional clothing industry. The fashion sector is storming ahead in the textiles industry with innovative technological advancements. Utilising AI-powered trend

From the sky to the ground

From the ground to the sky 

The high-flying innovators in aviation uniform design. The skies are buzzing with vibrant activity as businesses travel and tourists explore again. Refining brand identity for

Fierce women

Tunisia: unlocking the power of WOMEN

In collaboration with OCO Global, PCIAW® is shining a spotlight on Tunisia’s outstanding female-run businesses that reflect the country’s remarkable talent and ingenuity.  Since January