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Billions lost in government PPE waste

This weekend’s news headlines showed staggering criticism of the government over PPE waste. “The Daily Mail and the Daily Express are angry about the £8.7bn

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Tower Supplies is a PCIAW® Trusted Member

PCIAW®ONLINE Trusted Member Profile We’re pleased to officially welcome Tower Supplies as a PCIAW® Trusted Member. Tower Supplies’ 38+ years’ trading experience has led them to

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Alsco: how to dress up a uniform tips

How to dress up a uniform: stylish but professional tips. There are so many benefits to dressing in a company uniform: unity, team building, professionalism.

British workwear manufacturer Wearwell will become the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of Herock® products. The Belgian brand is a well-known name in workwear thanks to its modern designs, strong technical and scientific credentials and streetwear-inspired aesthetic, all created for the most testing environments and weather conditions.
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Wearwell: PPE and recycling

PPE and recycling: how to minimise your environmental impact. Ocean Conservancy discovered in a recent survey that more than half of survey participants see PPE