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Ecmanage, a leading online wardrobe management system, is proud to share its new and improved Asset Management Module. This is designed for products with an expiry date or products that need to be inspected and replaced periodically. Previously, the user with this module received only an e-mail at the time the product expired, but with the new update, this module has received boosted functionality. When managing products, in addition to the shelf life, custoemrs can now also indicate how many days in advance a warning must be sent automatically for the item to be inspected or replaced. At the time the product is ordered, the system calculates the date of the course as well as any warning and the inspection is made, with the associated events recorded. Customers can also control how far in advance the user receives this e-mail by filling in the corresponding field, ensuring that the alert is automatically sent on the desired date. It is also possible to manually set a warning per serial number. Other new features of the Ecmanage improved Asset Management Module are: - Adding multiple inspections. - Adding PDF files to your inspection. - The manual adjustment of events.
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Studio 104 is a PCIAW® Trusted Member

PCIAW®ONLINE Trusted Member Profile We’re pleased to officially welcome Studio 104 as the newest Trusted Member of PCIAW®! Studio 104 provides a dedicated, high-end service