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PCIAW® speakers

Continuing with our look at the speakers addressing the PCIAW® summit, the focus today falls on Samantha Heilling. Samantha Heilling had never even considered the

PCIAW® speakers

Continuing with our focus on the speakers at the forthcoming PCIAW ® summit, today we look at Alan Murray. Alan Murray has been in the Safety

PCIAW® speakers

Chris Murray is the Vice President of Agility’s Defence & Government Services in Europe. Chris joined Agility in 2010 and is primarily responsible for the

Take a bite out of office food waste

There’s an international problem that is costing close to $1 trillion in economic losses and contributing an estimated 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.


Continuing with our focus on the speakers at the up and coming PCIAW® summit in June, today we feature Adam Mansell, CEO of UK Fashion &

Everyday workplace fashion

Clothing is a tool used to visualise and benchmark ourselves and the people around us. The way we dress provides conclusions about our persona, social