China Interdye and China Textile Printing in Shanghai

The 18th China International Dye Industry, Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition (China Inter-dye) and China International Digital Textile Printing, Printing and Dyeing Automatics Exhibition (China Textile Printing),took place on April 11th to 13th, 2018 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre.
The two exhibitions, one with a focus on Science and Techno-logical Innovation and the other on Green Development, were hosted by the China Dyestuff Industry Association, the China Dyeing and Printing Association and China Council for the Promotion of Inter-national Trade, Shanghai Sub-Council and co-organised by Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.
After 18 years of market brand cultivation, China Interdye continues to lead industry development. In addition, improved downstream demand revives dyes and textile chemicals sectors and drives market rebound of the industry. From January to November, 2017, the printing and dyeing producers above a designated size produced 49.14 billion meters of printed and dyed fabrics, an increase of 5.63% over the same period of a year earlier. Sector-related business revenue reached 354.9 billion yuan (approx. US$56.1 billion), up 6.2% year on year, while profits grew 9.8% year on year to 18.6 billion yuan (ap-prox. US$2.9 billion).

With the gradual transformation of the printing and dyeing industry, automation, digitisation and information technologies are seen as a necessity and are more widely applied across the industry. The driving factors include China’s adjustment to a slower expected annual growth of the economy (often referred to as the “New Normal”), the advent of Internet+ (the Chinese government’s program encouraging manufacturers to incorporate the internet into their industry chain), and intelligent manufacturing. The advances in digital printing technologies are increasingly meeting the expectations of consumers as it relates to colour and function and are becoming a new highlight and growth point of the industry as the economic model of China’s textile industry transitions into an innovative, eco-friendly and low-carbon one.
Thanks to many years of growth in the textile industry, China Interdye has accumulated certain industry resources and hopes to contribute to the future development of the industry. In 2018, the 100th anniversary of China’s dyestuff industry, the China Dyestuff Industry Association is hosting the launch event for the establishment of a pan-Asian dyestuffs federation. Many industry associations including the China Dyeing and Printing Association, the China Cotton Textile Association, the China Knitting Industrial Association, and the China Dyestuff Industry Association’s Organic Pigment Professional Committee, Additives Professional Committee and Masterbatch Professional Committee will also host supporting forums. Zhejiang Lonsen Holding, Transfar, Dymatic Chemicals and Switzerland-based TESTEX will organise several technical seminars, presenting advanced technologies and concepts and providing professional visitors with opportunities for exchanges and cooperation.

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