ClearMaskTM offers the world’s first fully-transparent face mask

Transparent masks improve visual communication

An American entrepreneur, Allysa Dittmar has created an anti-fog, transparent surgical mask that allows for better communication with visible facial expressions.

Allysa Dittmar is the founder of Clear Mask LLC and was motivated to create a transparent face mask after hearing about the experience of her co-founder who was deaf and depended on lip reading and facial expressions to communicate, which previously caused issues when speaking with a surgeon wearing a mask.

Clear Mask LLC set-out to make medical-grade, transparent face masks so that surgeons could communicate clearly with hearing-impaired patients and offer a friendly smile. The mask is optimised for maximum clarity and comfort whilst meeting applicable ASTM Level 3 requirements for fluid resistance and flammability, which offers a high level of protection for medical use in environments such as operating rooms.

The US Food and Drug Administration cleared these transparent face masks for medical use and it was the first product of its kind to do so.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, ClearMaskTM adapted to meet the demand for consumer-grade, fully-transparent face masks to make communication more accessible to the hearing-impaired, especially as students go back to school and vulnerable reunite with their families.

“After three years of research, development and testing, we are thrilled to bring a human-centred mask to everyone that needs it, especially those who could benefit from from improved visual communication, such as children, older adults, deaf and hard of hearing people and those who do not speak the same language. ClearMaskTM is well-positioned to join the fight against the current pandemic”, said Allysa Dittmar, President of ClearMask.

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