Clubclass adds antiviral finish fabric to clothing range

Clubclass adds antiviral finish fabric to clothing range

In light of this year’s pandemic, leading corporate clothing manufacturer Clubclass has added an antiviral finish fabric (AV.Tex) to its popular collection of corporate tailoring for safety-conscious buyers.

The AV.Tex finish is a chemical treatment which is applied to textiles during production – in a process similar to waterproofing. Tests on viruses similar to Covid-19 proved that the antiviral finish can likely destroy coronaviruses within just minutes of contact – and that other similar viruses should also be destroyed.

However, anti-microbial fabrics have been around for some time and are wildly used in the medical environment. The current pandemic has focused attention on safety measures for everyone, meaning an even greater responsibility for employers considering the safety of their staff. Clubclass is the first to offer mainstream clothing with such a finish for workers in industries such as hospitality, transport and retail: three sectors severely impacted during Covid-19.

Managing Director Douglas Bailey commented, “We fully understand that autoinoculation by transfer from contaminated surfaces is regarded as a secondary route of infection. However, there is evidence that clothing is a transmission route for viruses. And, if you are working in an environment where you regularly come into contact with the public, as many of our wearers do in the airline, hospitality, transport and retail sectors, I believe it is the responsibility of employers to ensure we reduce the risk to our staff.”

The Everyone collection is one of the most popular collections of tailoring for work and the Anti-viral finish leaves no impact on the look, feel or drape of the garment – it simply neutralises the virus. The garment can also be worn up to 50 times with the viral defence continuing to remain active.

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Paul Smith, M.D. of Corprotex added, “We have used the Everyone collection for a number of customers in various industries. The addition of a finish that protects wearers from viruses is a real benefit for anyone supplying clothing to employees.”

Doug Bailey also believes the wearer will demand this kind of protection as they begin to return to work. With a heightened sense of danger based on the continuing spikes and local lockdowns, many people are already anxious about returning to the workplace. Anything Clubclass can do to reduce such anxiety is a positive.

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