Clubclass Celebrate 20 years with Vikki Harriman!

Clubclass celebrate 20 incredible years of having Vikki Harriman working for them!
From the factory floor to the business office to travelling for meetings with customers, Vikki’s expertise in the corporate wear industry is amazing.
Vikki began on the factory floor numerous years back, advancing to customer service inside the sales office and afterwards advancing further to be an esteemed member of the sales team. Out and about most days visiting valued clients, she has some intriguing stories about her driving abilities!
You can ensure, regardless of the weather, she will dependably turn up in her heels with samples for her clients keeping them refreshed with the expansive scope of Clubclass collections.
Being fortunate enough to be involved in the marketing of Clubclass and their brand direction, she has seen numerous progressions inside her 20 years and is energised toward the path we are heading as an organisation.
With the Clubclass brand ever pushing forward, the experience Vikki possesses will allow it to continue doing so.

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