Cobmex on the role of the uniform in the public safety sector


Public Safety, First Responders, Tactical, Law Enforcement, Blue Goods… there are so many different labels that have been used to describe the product category that makes up one of the most important and impactful end-user categories in the uniform industry in the public safety sector.

This sector consists of those end-users at the front line of every aspect of community security and safety. These individuals are inclined to undergo strenuous day-to-day physical activity, and their uniforms contribute significantly to their performance based on two important factors: functionality and recognition.

It has been said: “Uniforms serve to identify the wearer’s status, group membership, and legitimacy. Throughout its history, the uniform has been used as a symbol of authority.” 1 Uniform play an important role in the identification of public safety professionals and help to command the respect they require to do their job.

Public Safety uniform distributors choose COBMEX® knitwear primarily for comfort, durability, and a professional look that maintains its well-fitted shape. Advanced materials and high-quality features including zippers, buttons, pencil pockets, elbow and shoulder patches, badge tabs, nameplates, and epaulettes, add to the sweater’s utility and functionality. Browse our online catalogue to explore our Public Safety Collection.

The COBMEX® Public Safety Collection of knitwear is worn by employees at all levels of first responder and security environments; public and private; national, regional, and local. This includes Federal Border Security Agencies, Postal Services, Fire Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, Emergency Management, Agriculture, Correctional as well as numerous Private Security agencies worldwide.

To address the need for a high performing sweater, COBMEX® developed innovative yarns that are superior to those commonly used in the uniform trade. Durapil™ and Durapil Ultra™ resist pilling, are soft to the touch, retain their shape, and outperform other yarns for strength, durability, and performance. This proprietary yarn is made by utilising an advanced spinning process of long-staple acrylic fibre that was conceived by working with leading chemo-textile producers globally.

“Our Public Safety business is the cornerstone of our company,” says COBMEX® President, Phil Newman. “It is an essential element of our purpose. Everyone on our team is proud to see those first responders who wear our sweaters knowing that in some way, we are contributing to the safety and security of the general population.”

In addition to the attention that goes into the design and durability of a COBMEX® Public Safety sweater, we prioritise the safety of those who wear our uniforms. As such, we have expanded our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification throughout many of the Public Safety sweaters that we offer. OEKO-TEX® is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. In order to establish STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, every component of the article, i.e. the yarn, thread, button and findings, has been tested for harmful substances ensuring that the resulting product will be harmless from a human ecological perspective.

COBMEX®’s Director of Product Development and Technical Design, Pricila Neal, says that the team is constantly researching the market for innovations in material and design construction. “Following a strong Fall trend on knitwear jackets, we are working towards creating new shapes and stitches that are focused on the Public Safety category. The styles will be a combination of functionality and innovation. The Capsule Collection will be used as concept pieces for private label programmes.”

At COBMEX®, we stock an extensive Public Safety sweater collection of unisex, men’s, and ladies’ styles. This includes a variety of pullovers, full-zips and quarter-zips, v-neck and crewneck styles, long sleeve mock necks and turtlenecks, as well as accessories including hats and dickies. In addition to our in-stock range, we offer a Custom Sweater Programme. Our Design and Product Development Team works closely with customers to create a uniform programme that specifically addresses their needs and requirements and exceeds expectations.

COBMEX® entered the uniform market in 1998 by specialising in manufacturing uniform sweaters for the Public Safety market. Today, we’ve established ourselves as a leading sweater supplier to both the Public Safety and Corporate uniform industries globally.

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Source: Cobmex