COBMEX®: Shaping The Future of Professional Knitwear

Founded in 1998, COBMEX® is a leading manufacturer of quality knitwear for the professional clothing industry. Based in Toronto, Canada, the company operates across North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, supplying distributors globally. COBMEX® has a proven record of staying ahead of the trends and offering premium bespoke and off-the-shelf knitwear with some of their oldest partnerships lasting over 20 years.

Global Knitwear Manufacturing

COBMEX® began by manufacturing most of its goods in Mexico and supplying them to distributors in the United States and Canada. Since its founding it has expanded its reach, producing performance-driven, functional knitwear for global markets.

COBMEX® grew its operations in Mexico and the US enabling them to provide knitwear to numerous United States government agencies. The company later established a presence in the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

A Collaborative Design Process

Customer collaboration is at the heart of COBMEX®’s approach to bespoke design. Led by Pricila Gomes Neal, the Senior Director of Product and Design, their team works closely with distributors to meticulously create designs that meet each client’s unique requirements.

COBMEX® stays up to date with trends by drawing inspiration from retail styles and runway shows. Pricila and her team expertly translate high fashion influences into practical workwear-type knitwear, incorporating performance-driven materials and functional features with retail-inspired designs. The design team travels internationally, meeting with customers to understand their uniform program objectives. To keep their clients well informed, they share targeted trend presentations and various design samples.

COBMEX® views its clients as partners and actively involves them in the design process. They keep partners well-informed about upcoming trends and yarn innovations, fostering an environment of collaboration. Through regular ethical compliance audits and their deep understanding of the manufacturing process, COBMEX® ensures transparency and accountability are upheld at every stage.

“We’re not just in the business of knitwear; we’re in the business of creating enduring relationships. Our clients are partners, and together we weave a story of success.” – Phil Newman, President

Spinning A Better Future

COBMEX® is deeply committed to social responsibility and sustainability and incorporates these principles into every aspect of its operation. By integrating sustainable practices into its manufacturing process, workplace, and infrastructure, COBMEX® aims to make a positive impact on the industry and set an example for others to follow.

COBMEX® knitwear is developed with durability in mind as long-lasting products contribute less to landfills and have better resource and cost efficiency. Recognizing the importance of further reducing their environmental impact, the company is actively investing in research and development to create yarns that utilize recycled fibres. As a forward-thinking company, COBMEX® recognises that sustainability is a paramount concern and has resolved to tackle the issue. This is why COBMEX® is in the process of formalizing its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy, which is set to be released in 2024. This policy outlines what COBMEX® can do to promote sustainable practices and set clear targets for future projects.

As part of its responsible manufacturing approach, COBMEX® adheres to SMETA’s 4-Pillar ethical and social compliance standards. This certification further reinforces the company’s commitment to ensuring fair and safe working conditions, respecting human rights, and promoting responsible sourcing throughout its supply chain.

COBMEX® provides its customers with the assurance that their knitwear not only meets high-quality standards but also prioritizes the health and safety of the wearers. COBMEX® launched its first Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified collection in 2020. This certification guarantees that every element of each sweater has undergone rigorous testing and is free from harmful substances. COBMEX®’s Contemporary Collection is entirely certified, and they are in the process of transitioning all their styles to meet OEKO-TEX®’s stringent standards.

Professional Knitwear Innovators

The professional clothing industry is dynamic and growing, and COBMEX® is a leading innovator in the knitwear sector. The company’s proprietary Durapil™ and Durapil Ultra™ yarns are some of the most technologically advanced, anti-pilling yarns available on the market. They set new industry standards by offering greater durability and longevity, delivering a polished appearance for an extended life.

Beautifully Technical™ Uniform Sweaters

25 years after its incorporation, COBMEX® continues to lead the professional clothing industry as one of the most experienced and capable providers of knitwear, delivering Beautifully Technical™ style-driven sweaters that perform. The company utilises its expertise to provide ready-to-ship stock collections and bespoke solutions, tailored for the needs of each client. COBMEX®’s global customers can trust that they have the infrastructure, expertise, and capabilities to provide knitwear reliably, responsibly, and with the durability needed for everyday wear.


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